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A e token, authentication token, usb token, cryptographic token may be a physical device that an authorized user of computer services is given to ease authentication. Security e token are used to prove one's identity electronically and digitally (as in the case of a customer trying to accessing their bank account). The Aladdin e token and the Watchdata e token is used in addition to or in place of a password to prove that the customer is who they claim to be.

Some may store cryptographic keys, such as a digital signature or biometric data, such as fingerprint minutiae. Some designs feature tamper resistant packaging, while others may include small keypads to allow entry of a PIN or a simple button to start a generating routine with some display capability to show a generated key number.

Aladdin E token

E Token is a smart-card chip with USB interface that attaches in the USB Port. But e token are very different to usb pen drives. Because pen drive is not secured but e token are very authenticated for higher security purpose. E token Driver are to be installed, which are available free with the DSC or can be downloaded for free from our website pages.

Immediately on insertion in the USB port of a PC, it begins to work. After plugging into the router e token asks for login to users, it encrypt the user by asking private keys, digital certification and password. The usb token and e token user can then change the default setting of the system such as using PIN (Personal Identification Number) rules following according to CA ( Certificate Authority) and DSC. Aladdin e token provide strong authentication and guarantee non-repudiation for sensitive applications such as eBanking, stock trading, eCommerce and financial transactions.

Types of E token Driver

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E token features & benefit

  1. etoken is a very secure device (Cryptography storage device)
  2. e token comes with a smart card chip which ensures multiple functions to secure your DSC
  3. etoken cannot be infected by viruses by higher authentication
  4. Once a DSC is imported into an etoken, it is impossible to fetch it out or copy it even if you have complete control of the token
  5. e token complies to the IT Act 2000
  6. Supported operating systems : Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista | Mac OS X; Linux (32K and 64K token models only)
  7. 32-bit and 64-bit e token driver are available for download in our website.
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  • e token driver
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